Wonder Fissure: Usage Manual: Storage

Types And Packaging Of WONDER FISSURE

There are currently 6 grades of WONDER FISSURE, on the market designed for various temperature ranges of material to be cracked. Since a chemical reaction of WONDER FISSURE depends on temperature, use the proper type of WONDER FISSURE listed in table below.

Type of WONDER FISSURE Usable temperature
WF - H 35 °C to 45°C
WF - A 25 °C to 35 °C
WF - B 15°C to 25 °C
WF - C 5 °C to 15°C
WF - D -5 °C to 5 °C
WF - U For all temperatures

Packing: 5 Kg WONDER FISSURE in one plastic bag, 4 bags in one carton, and 50 boxes on one wooden pallet.

Form: Powder and cartridge available.

Reaction Time Control: Special Inhibitor available on request to control reaction time for special applications.

Packaging and Storage

WONDER FISSURE, is packed in 4 anti-moisture bags of 5 kg each and then placed in a waterproof carton with a total weight of approximately 20 kg.

  1. Although WONDER FISSURE, is packed in anti-moisture bags, long storage may cause deterioration of its working ingredients. Therefore, store in a dry place and use it as soon as possible.
  2. When storing, do not place the bags ofWONDER FISSURE, directly on the floor. Put them on a pallet and keep in a dry warehouse. WONDER FISSURE stored in this manner, can be effectively used for 1 year.
  3. WONDER FISSURE should be unpacked properly in a low moisture environment before use.
  4. When storing the portion of WONDER FISSURE remaining after use, remove air out of the bag, seal it and use as soon as possible. However, as it may get exposed to moisture, there is a risk of WONDER FISSURE losing its effectiveness once the bag has been opened.
  5. If you receive damaged bags of WONDER FISSURE, they may not work due to chance of moisture absorption.