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WONDER FISSURE, a Non-Explosive Expansive Silent Cracking Agent, is a highly expansive powder composition for stone breaking, granite and marble quarrying, concrete cutting and demolition. The chemical composition of WONDER FISSURE is a powder consisting of an inorganic compound made mainly of a special kind of silicate and an organic compound. WONDER FISSURE does not contain any harmful components. WONDER FISSURE provides the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution in restricted demolition of rock and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from shock waves generated by explosives. WONDER FISSURE is mixed with clean water and poured into pre-drilled holes on rock and concrete. The diluted WONDER FISSURE swells and exerts significant expansive thrust on the hole-wall, fracturing the wall and splitting the rock across the line of the drill holes.


WONDER FISSURE is not controlled by any legal regulation such as explosives and explosive agents, etc. WONDER FISSURE requires no special precautions if kept in a dry place. The product is not sensitive to electrical discharge or currents. Rocks and reinforced concrete may be demolished safely without environmental pollution.


Just mix with water, pour into holes, then it expands to crack. Neither capping with mortar, sand, etc. nor tamping with a bar is necessary after Using WONDER FISSURE does not require a special license unlike explosives, explosive agents, etc. It is environmentally friendly. It releases no toxic or harmful substances of any kind.


Unlike demolition by explosives or breaking equipment, WONDER FISSURE does not make any noise, vibration, flying debris, dust or gas. It quietly and gradually demolishes rock or concrete with its expansive stress. Demolition can be easily and safely performed anywhere without any vibrations.